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Ladies Luncheon with Paula Landrón

This Ladies Luncheon was divided into three phases:

1. Owning your Story

2. Ground in your Truth

3. Wake up the Fire


ground in your truth - the participants go deep into 3-5 stories // they share their experience and receive lazer coaching from Paula while drinking tea

shine unapologetically - dancing meditation + journaling to set intentions on what the ladies want to show the world

beach ritual - we give out those intentions to the world // a bit of movement good vibes, music & voila! Time to shine...

"This was our First Ladies Luncheon… As the founder of GirlBossPuertoRico, I wanted to make sure our kick off start was strong enough to support the upcoming experiences that are clearly so necessary globally for like-minded women. This was the reason why we started with Paula Landron and her ways of coaching, bringing the best breakthroughs in the most organic way.” -Mónse

#girlbosspuertorico #paulalandron

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